Saint Mary Magdalene, pray for this ministry.

Where is this Ministry Located?
Welcome to the website a fundraiser for a Roman Catholic Parish in Burkina Faso which is in West Africa. At this parish, there is a group of priests and nuns whose efforts go to helping marginalized and abused women by relocating and educating them. Father Touda Ouedraogo ministers as chaplain to them in many ways, both spiritual and practical.

The location of these ministries.

Whom Do They Serve?
Women in this area have forced arranged marriages, a lot of times they are treated like property and when not needed anymore they are thrown out.  Many times because the men want a new, younger wife.  They are forced into this life.  Some are as young as 12 or 13 years old - children!  Another problem is women being accused of being witches.  These wonderful priests minister to these women.

Father Touda is one of those priests that help women in deplorable situations.  Not only does this charitable team aid the women/girls with basic needs, they also teach them how to read and write.  Having an education makes a huge difference to their ability to get a better type of work in their area. Also, they can support their children who are in school with their education. It's an all-round winner really. Father Touda gives his volunteer teachers a nominal sum, not a wage as such, he can't afford it.  Please help this wonderful ministry in Burkina Faso!

Father Touda offering Mass.

Why We Are Doing This?
A group of us met Father Touda on Facebook and soon fell in love with his ministry.  It reminds us of how Our Lord helped women in His society, showed them love and compassion, especially when men had treated them badly and always acted to restore their dignity. Father Touda's work seems to be so centered on the women, he is actually their chaplain.  Please help Father Touda continue to help shelter, feed, and clothes these women by contributing to his ministry.  Thank you!

We verified Father's ministry with the International Organization, Caritas, here is a screenshot of their verification:

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Thank you for your understanding.

Help the priests at the Roman Catholic Church in Burkina Faso, West Africa so they can continue to minister to women and young ladies.